Advent Art Show

We’re excited to announce this year’s Advent Art Show, which will be held on Friday, December 2, 2022, from 5-8 p.m. at MERGE in the Iowa City Ped Mall. Our mission is to depict the themes of Advent and the Christmas story through the lenses of local, diverse, and contemporary perspectives. The show's audience will include residents of downtown Iowa City, as well as those in the greater Iowa City Area. 

While this is not a for-profit show,* artists' names and contact info will be listed with their work. Attendees of the show may contact artists privately to make an offer or negotiate a purchase. 

Submission Directions:
1. Choose a "story scene" listed in the black box on this page. Click on it to read the corresponding passage.

2. Create your own interpretation of this scene  through your own artistic visual form (that is, sculpture, photography, painting, drawing, foil stamping, fabric art, digital art, etc).

3. Take three (3) high-quality photographs of your work and submit them to ArtShow@IowaCity.Church by October 15, 2022. Digital artwork files can be emailed in print-PDF format.

4. Along with the photos/digital file, include the work's title, artist name and contact information, corresponding scene (#1-14) you have chosen to represent, a short abstract explaining your work, and dimensions of your finished product. 

You will hear back from us via email by October 18 confirming if your work will be appearing in the art show, and we will provide further instructions at that point.  

Questions? Email ArtShow@IowaCity.Church

*Attendees may make good-will donations to IC Compassion, which provides refugee and immigration services to individuals and families in the Iowa City area.

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Story Scenes

1. From the Beginning, Christ Was With God (John 1:1-14)
2. The Angel Gabriel Speaks with Mary

(Luke 1:26-38)
3. Elizabeth and Mary Meet 

(Luke 1:39-45)
4. Mary’s Song Luke

5. Joseph’s Dream  

Matthew (1:18-25)
6. Travel to Bethlehem

(Luke 2:2-7)
7. Angels Sing Over a Field in Bethlehem

(Luke 2:8-14)
8. Shepherds Worship the Baby

(Luke 2:15-20)
9. King Herod Is Disturbed

(Matthew 2:1-8)
10. Wise Men Worship the Baby

(Matthew 2:9-12)
11. Joseph, Mary, and the Baby Seek Refuge (Matthew 2:9-12)
12. Massacre in Bethlehem

(Matthew 2:16-23)

13. He Empties Himself on the Cross

(Philippians 2:5-11)
14. The Second Advent

(Titus 3:3-8; Titus 2:11-14)