About CityChurch

CityChurch is a welcoming and joyful community of faith where anyone can grow as a follower or seeker of the way of Christ. Our mission is to nurture a Jesus-Centered community that reveals God's love to each other and the world around us. What does that look like? Well, we hope it means we grow as a community of people in the process of becoming more deeply rooted in Christ and emotionally healthy--all for the sake of revealing God's love to others. 


We launched our first service in September in 2016, and our launch team was made up of people who love Iowa City and wanted to create a space where followers of Jesus and seekers could come together, grow, and encourage one another. The 2020 pandemic pushed us into online Zoom services where our changing community included both local and non-local members. We then resumed our in-person services in June of 2021 at our downtown location at Merge. 


Wherever you are on your journey, our prayer is that you are encouraged when you join us on Sunday morning. Perhaps you will find that the CityChurch family becomes your own family on your journey of faith. Together, we pray that we will contribute to God's work in the world by communicating the good news of His love through our lives, deeds, and words. 

A Jesus-Centered Community

We are not a conservative community. We are not a progressive community. We are a Jesus-centered and Orthodox community committed to the things the Church has practiced for thousands of years. The simplest summation of these beliefs can be found in the Apostles' Creed and the Nicene Creed.


An Intentional Community 

We are committed to renewing the reputation of the local church by revealing the good news of the nearness of the Kingdom of God in the way we "do" church. We pray that this happens through our welcome of others, through our teaching and encouragement of members to put God's love into action in their day-in-and-day-out lives as well as through intentional service to their community, and by welcoming questions, doubt, and mystery about the faith (what we like to say is simply being "intellectually honest").