Intellectual Honesty

"The heart has its reasons, of which reason knows nothing," wrote the brilliant mathematician Blaise Pascal, who had a mystical encounter with the "God of Jesus Christ" when he was 30 years old. We want to be honest Christians: We know we can't "prove" God or argue anyone into believing in Jesus. We know that true belief and faith comes because of the reasons of the heart: the experience of faith when the good news about Jesus is heard and the experience of the Holy Spirit as we move toward God. 

Also, in the spirit of intellectual honesty, we want to acknowledge that many Jesus-centered people come from painful religious contexts where doctrinal statements trumped the law of love, where hypocrisy abounded, and where the God of Jesus Christ was represented in harmful ways.

We value the process of acknowledging these truths and the questions that arise from the re-evaluation of our religious backgrounds--while we hold on to all that is essential to a Jesus-centered way of living. 

Resources for
Further Study

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