“Spiritual formation is not an option! The inescapable conclusion is that life itself is a process of spiritual development. The only choice we have is whether that growth moves us toward wholeness in Christ or toward an increasingly dehumanized and destructive mode of being.”

                                              -Robert Mulholland, Jr.

The Process
of Spiritual Formation

As followers of Christ, we're guided in our transformation by Jesus Christ himself. His life and ministry provides a clear pattern for the Kingdom of God.

The process of spiritual formation can be understood through stories, loves, and habits. Our stories form our loves. Our loves shape our habits. Our habits reveal our stories. At CityChurch, we hope spiritual formation will take place not by modifying our behavior but rather by creating new stories, which form new loves, and thus new habits. 

We are working to align our stories, loves, and habits with the Kingdom of Jesus.

Resources for
Further Study

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