Being a community of faith involves not just worshipping together and listening to a sermon together and praying together, but also making sense of what is happening in the world around us and our response to it through the framework of being disciples of Christ--and through the framework of the story of God as revealed in the Bible. In doing that, we gain a lens by which we can interpret what’s happening in the world around us, as well as what God may want to happen and what a Christlike response may look like on our part. 

So, this means that at times we talk about what’s going on--whether it’s climate change or South American refugees at our border or natural disasters, or COVID or the murder of George Floyd and racial injustice or a contentious election season. 


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The Church Mends the Church: How to Hope When Churches, Leaders, and Long-Held Beliefs Fail Us
At a time when so many are wounded by church leaders, toxic church cultures, and poor theologies, we look to the witness of Christian history and Scripture to see how Jesus' Church can recover, heal, and grow into the beauty it was meant to carry.


Love Never Fails: Discourse for a Fractured Church and Public Square

In the absence of love, fear flourishes. So many of us want to contribute to a solution to our public health crisis, our economic problems, the upcoming election, racial injustice--but, without love, all of our discourse inside and   outside the church can sound as obnoxious as a thousand three-year-olds banging on drum sets. Join us as we embark on a journey to explore how  fixing our "love problems" can actually elevate our dialogue with one another and lead to unity.

In Gods We Trust

Money. Power. Personal Fulfillment. The Israelites trusted so much in the idols of Canaan that they sacrificed their own children in order to curry favor with Molech. Join us in this sobering series as we explore the national gods of America and the ways in which our trust can be so misplaced that, like the Israelites, we end up compromising the lives and dignity of other human beings.

Healthy and Rooted

Join us for a sermon series based on the book Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Pete Scazzero. This series will help you identify the SIGNS of emotionally UNhealthy spirituality and give you tools to grow into an emotionally mature follower of Jesus.