About Curious Faith

A few years ago, two brilliant graduate-student friends shared with me that the predominant sentiment among their departmental colleagues was that “mystical experience” (faith) and intellectual inquiry were incompatible. These friends were followers of Jesus and very intellectually curious, so the dichotomy embraced by their colleagues befuddled them. And my friends earnestly desired a context to embrace spirituality while still wearing their critical-thinking caps.

Curious Faith is devoted to the intersection of intellectual inquiry and faith—that place where honest reflection and critical thinking meet with that-which-cannot-be-proven-but-can-be-experienced, those things of which faith is the substance.

Whatever you think you know about the Christian faith, I suspect that you will find it curious once you start looking at it from new angles—whether you are agnostic, atheist, Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, or any kind of Christian.

You are welcome here.

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