About CityChurch

CityChurch is a welcoming and joyful community of faith where anyone can grow as a follower or seeker of the way of Christ. We hope to create an environment inside and outside our church services where a person could become a fully devoted, emotionally healthy follower of Jesus.


We launched our first service in September in 2016, and our launch team was made up of people who love Iowa City and wanted to create a space where followers of Jesus and seekers could come together, grow, and encourage one another. The 2020 pandemic pushed us into online Zoom services where our changing community has included both local and non-local members. We then resumed our in-person services in June of 2021 at our downtown location at Merge. 


Wherever you are on your journey, our prayer is that you are encouraged when you join us on Sunday morning. Perhaps you will find that the CityChurch family becomes your own family on your journey of faith. Together, we pray that we will contribute to God's work in the world by communicating the good news of His love through our lives, deeds, and words. 

​Cornerstones support the walls as they are fitted together.

Our values serve as an anchor for all of the different parts of our lives. What we do with our time, how we do or don’t nurture our spiritual or physical health, how we spend our money, and how we live out our lives in the context of spiritual, local, and global community are all determined by what we value. Here are some things we believe (and/or things that are just important to us) and what we've placed as cornerstones underneath what we do at CityChurch--these values are expressed in the Sunday morning messages, in the songs we sing, in the outreach activities we participate in, and in the way we encourage CityChurchers to live their outside-of-Sunday-morning lives. Not everyone who is a part of CityChurch necessarily concludes the same things, but they are welcome to explore faith nonetheless and be a part of the community!

God’s love changes everything. When we get a taste of God’s love and goodness, we can’t help but see the world differently, live differently and love differently.


Jesus was God in flesh-and-blood; he moved into a physical, literal neighborhood about 2000 years ago. His life and the light he offered changed everything for people then and now.


The Bible is the confounding, mysterious, breathtaking story of God working to draw all people everywhere to him. It was written in multiple genres by different authors with unique cultural lenses at different times in history, but inspired by God so that we could be changed and transformed and drawn closer to God by saturating ourselves with its magnificent love story.


Honoring the neighbor is the work that Jesus did when he moved into the neighborhood, so to speak, and acted more like a servant than a king. Being neighborly to everyone is and was God’s work, and now it is our privilege and delight to be good local and global neighbors, which means concerning ourselves with the needs of others near and far.


Following Jesus is a rewarding, costly, and intense journey; we think an ever-deepening friendship with God is a worthwhile life-long pursuit.


Transformative community with others takes time, but we think that finding a tribe of people who can encourage you in your spiritual journey, sit with you in your questions, and listen with you for the voice of Jesus is priceless.


Everyone has gifts, abilities and the capacity for meaningful work (whether secular or sacred, paid or volunteer) that engages the whole self and is honoring to the church, local, or global community and to God. We should engage in this kind of work inside and outside the church.


Questions invite God to speak to us about our deepest concerns and longings. We don’t have answers to all of the questions (we are still asking some ourselves!), but we value the process of asking and listening and dialoguing with God and with one another.


And that leads to mystery. We feel like we can rest squarely on the goodness and love of God found in the Bible and experienced in our daily lives. But, there is beauty, imagination, and longing in the place of not-having-all-the-answers-to-all-of-our-questions. We’re content with not having the answers to some of our questions, but this not-knowing doesn't change our faith in God. It only enlivens it.